Erika Moreira

Bruno Arizio
  • Client : Erika Moreira
  • Project : Foli
  • Year : 2019
  • Disciplines
  • Art Direction
  • Web Design
  • Development

Erika Moreira’s portfolio started as colour experiment. The project changes every season with a new set of colours to frame her top-notch copywriting work. It is a way for Erika to present her personality and tone as her projects progress as well as her mood. Every season we devise a new set of colour combinations, more pastels in the summer and more shocking and electricfing in the winter.

Erika's career moves very fast and we wanted to find a way to make her folio feeling fresh for new clients and agencies interested in hiring her services. So framing the content with different colours ended up being a very interesting to make projects have a new life every four months.

Bruno Arizio
Bruno Arizio
Bruno Arizio
Bruno Arizio

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