Studio Maertens

Bruno Arizio
  • Client : Studio Mærtens
  • Project : Studio Mærtens E-commerce
  • Year : 2020
  • Disciplines
  • Branding
  • E-commerce
  • Development

An otherworldly atmosphere pervades this Berlin-based industrial design studio’s e-commerce. Everything on the site circles around the atmosphere created by Berlin-based Studio Mærtens’s industrial design work. Incorporating the studio’s portfolio, mood boards and visual references, we built a solid foundation based on our inspiration. The relationship between all the projects is connected by an otherworldly post-industrial setting. This project began when founder

Maximilian Mærtens shared the studio’s mood board with designer Bruno Arizio. Since the portfolio pieces had this distinct feel to them, we thought it would be interesting to build a stage that evoked the same atmosphere. We created a dark matter–inspired scenario with only one light on an object that casted liquid shadows. That became the main concept for the project with everything else spinning out of this.

Bruno Arizio
Bruno Arizio
Bruno Arizio

Creative team

  • Creative Direction Bruno Arizio
  • Design Bruno Arizio, Fernando Berlanda
  • Photography Maximilian Maertens
  • 3D Implementation Fernando Berlanda
  • Copywriting Studio Maertens
  • Development Luis Henrique Bizarro
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